PPL / LAPL Training at Eshott

Eshott Airfield

If you're looking to take that next step and convert your NPPL(M) to the LAPL before the April 2018 deadline, please contact a member of the team at the airfield. 

You'll be required to do a minimum of 5 hours training in the Cessna at £145 per hour, including landings and instruction.  You'll have to pass an Aircraft General exam and pass your class 2 medical.  

If you wish to convert your NPPL(M) to LAPL you must have completed your training by April 2018 or your microlight logged hours will not count towards the course and you would be required to complete a full LAPL. 


Harvard AJ841 at Eshott

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 14.32.56.png

We're extremely excited to offer for 2018 the chance take an introductory flight in AJ841 - a North American Harvard which goes by the name of the 'Wacky Wabbit'. 

Experience includes:

// Safety brief

// Flight time: 20 minutes + taxi time

// Gift box

Used by the Royal Air Force and United States Air Force in WWII the Harvard was known as the 'Pilot maker'.  The 600hp radial powered AJ841 would have trained pilots during their training towards fighter types such as the Spitfire, Hurricane & P51 Mustang and would have been a common sight at the former RAF Eshott. 

To book this once in a lifetime experience please visit www.purpleaviation.com

Helicopter Operations

Helicopter Operations


2017 saw the introduction of F34 Jet Fuel at Eshott Airfield.  Whilst this is an exciting time for the airfield, there are significant dangers with helicopter operations.  

Purple Aviation teaches it's students the importance of rotor wash & turbulence caused by large helicopters but private users of the site should remain vigilant at all times.  

The helicopter joining procedure is shown below as per the 2018 Flying Order Book


All helicopter traffic will be joining the airfield as per the diagrams above which shows two helicopter aiming points.  Helicopter aiming points will change depending on the runway in use which gives the opportunity for spacing from rotary aircraft.