Flying Order Book / Standing orders


// Introduction

This Flying Order Book details all of the airfield rules and procedures for Eshott Airfield, Northumberland.  All pilots, airfield members and students should be familiar with these rules and procedures in order to operate safely at the airfield.

This Flying Order Book will be available to view in the Eshott Airfield clubhouse for reference.

Any suggestions to the Flying Order Book relating to airfield operations or airfield safety are greatly appreciated and should be directed to a member of the management team.


// Emergency Information

// Location of emergency equipment

// First Aid: First aid equipment can be found in the clubhouse along with a defibrillator

// Fire extinguishers: Extinguishers can be found in various locations around the airfield in fire box cabinets. You will find extinguishers near the clubhouse, hangars and airfield apron in case of emergency.

// Useful phone contacts

// Eshott Airfield / Purple Aviation: 01670 787 881 /

// Newcastle Radar: 124.380  

// Newcastle Tower: 0191 214 8130

// All incidents should be brought to the attention of an flying instructor or member of management immediately.

// Please help with any incident as required but do not put yourself in danger

// Any incident that you feel will compromise safety must be immediately reported to a member of the management.  


// Airfield Information

// Elevation 197ft AMSL

// Grid:  55°16'38.48"N / 1°43'19.61"W

// 7nm North of Morpeth

// Air / ground radio 122.855

// Newcastle Radar 134.380


// Runways

01 / 19 610m tarmac

01 / 19 610m grass

08 / 26 550m tarmac


// Fuelling

// Eshott Airfield has facilities to refuel AvTur F34 FSII or AvGas 100LL

// You must speak to a member of staff - they will dispense the required fuel for you.


// Hours of Operation

09:00 - 19:00

Whilst the airfield does not have planning permission to operate outside of these hours, this restriction should never discourage you from landing outside of these hours in a genuine emergency situation such as being low on fuel.

If you do arrive late, please inform the airfield as to why so that we can communicate with Northumberland County Council. 

// Fixed Wing Circuit Diagram

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 14.47.15.png

// The above diagram depicts the circuit guide to be flown by all fixed wing and flex wing aircraft.  This circuit is appropriate for most types however you may wish to fly to your aircraft type as long as the village of Felton is not overflown.

// Helicopters must observe the helicopter circuit contained within this document

// Fixed wing and lex wings should fly the circuit at 800ft QFE

// 01RH - 19LH

// 08RH - 26LH

// Pilots should join the circuit at 1500ft QFE and descend on the deadside to the appropriate runway circuit

// Aircraft in the circuit should maintain a lookout for joining aircraft which may be non-radio or conducting an emergency approach

// All callsigns should contact Eshott Radio on 122.855 on approach to the airfield and should keep making blind calls throughout the circuit.

// Caution wake turbulence from aircraft in the circuit

// Any helicopter should be treated with extreme caution

// Joining the circuit from any other position other than the overhead is to be discouraged and should only be completed in the event of a quiet circuit

// Aircraft joining the circuit are to join on the same runway established by other aircraft already in the circuit.  Other runways are not to be used other than the active which has already been established.  In an emergency this rule obviously does not apply.

// Causey Park is located 1.5nm South of Eshott. Aircraft on this frequency will usually call Eshott on departure

// Helicopter Joining & Departure


// To create separation from fixed wing traffic helicopters should follow the published helicopter procedure using the helicopter aiming points.

// Helicopters should be below 500ft QFE on their approach to helicopter aiming point A or B to separate from fixed wing traffic at 800ft QFE

// Helicopters should avoid Bywell Shooting Club as marked on the joining diagram

// The helicopter pad is located centrally on the airfield as shown on the Airfield Layout.

// All helicopters should contact the office on 01670 787881 to PPR prior to arrival

// The helicopter pad should be used by helicopters requiring AvTur refuelling.

// In the event of the helicopter pad being occupied, helicopters may land within the longer grass designated as the HTA.

// Helicopters requiring AvGas refuelling should contact Eshott Airfield for PPR and seek directions for fuelling which will change depending on the conditions on the day

// Helicopters may use the long grass for helicopter hover / maneuvering practise with prior permission from the airfield management. This area is known as the Helicopter Training Area (HTA)

// Helicopters using the HTA should give way to aircraft joining for Jet A1 refuelling and should be courteous to fixed wing aircraft at all times

// Helicopters training for auto rotations should only do so within the HTA if it is safe to do so with current airfield traffic

// Aircraft should only leave the HTA after stating their intentions on Eshott Radio 122.855

// On leaving the circuit helicopters should contact Newcastle Radar on 124.380

// Known Risks at Eshott Airfield

Eshott Airfield benefits from excellent facilities and two beautifully kept tarmac runways.  As with all airfields, Eshott has it’s problems! EFATO conditions in all directions are considered to be good, however;

// Runway 01R - take care with trees on short final

// Runway 19L - take care with trees on climb out

// Runway 08R - take care with trees on final

// Runway 26L - take care with trees on climb out & fence 25m before threshold

Pilots of aircraft requiring the full take off length of any runway should be satisfied that an appropriate performance calculation has been carried out and that their aircraft will safely stop within the 550m official length of runway 26 or the 600m length of 19.

In addition to the above, we request that pilots carry out the noise abatement procedure as far as practicability possible, unless the noise abatement in any particular situation may cause unnecessary risk.

// Aircraft positioning & starts

// All aircraft must be parked a safe distance from the grass runway of 01/19 if they are to spend significant time on the grass pan

// Aircraft parking overnight should be positioned having liaised with a member of management

// Consider the effect of your prop wash on people & aircraft whilst parking and running up.

// No pilot should operate an aircraft on site outside of the normal airfield operations which are 07:00 - 23:00. This includes taxiing and running up an aircraft.

// Only qualified pilots or students of Purple Aviation may operate aircraft on site

// “Clear prop” must be shouted prior to engine start

// Be prepared to immediately shut down an engine if anyone / any animal / anything approaches your aircraft

// Move aircraft to the hold areas as soon as possible after engine start

// Helicopters must check the surrounding area for aircraft in danger before starting up.


// General Rules


Whilst a common sense policy is to be observed at all times, the following rules must be followed by all members.

// All members of the public should remain within the fenced area at the clubhouse unless with a member or flying club staff.

// No spotters are to be allowed on site unsupervised. Spotters will not be allowed in the private hangars unless supervised by the hangar owner.  

// No fuel is to be stored in any hangar on this site without the permission of Bockenfield Aerodrome Limited

// Any member or visiting aircraft must speak to a member of staff. No member of visiting aircraft is to fuel their aircraft without permission of the management.

// Only move an aircraft that you are familiar with. Do not move an aircraft if you have any doubt.

// All aircraft should be parked with consideration to the wind

// Aircraft parking overnight should consider the wind and the option of a tie down

// No smoking is allowed on this site

// You should not leave someone else’s aircraft unattended if you have moved it from a hangar

// If you are the last member to leave the airfield it is your responsibility to shut the gate until the introduction of the 2018 barrier system

// Cars are not permitted on the 01/19 runway and should be driven with hazard lights on when entering the airside boundary. You should consider your insurance position in regards to driving airside as Bockenfield Aerodrome Limited will not take responsibility for any incident caused on the airside. Cars being used on site MUST have appropriate airside insurance on their policy. It is your responsibility to keep your policy to to date and to comply with it’s particular Terms and Conditions. If you are unable to get airside cover through your aircraft insurance provider, you must inform a member of staff. You will not be covered under Bockenfield Aerodrome Limited’s insurance cover for driving airside.

// Members wishing to access the “back hangar” row on the disused runway must for the time being drive adjacent to 01/19 on the disused runway. All members should stop before driving down runway 08/26 as this is usually the active runway.

// Aircraft are encouraged to use the grass taxiway alongside 01/19 to avoid stone damage.  

// All aircraft should sign in to the clubhouse prior to departing the aerodrome and on return. This should also be completed for local flights

// All pilots should observe the circuit diagram where possible and should not overly noise sensitive areas including the village of Felton to the North.


// Military Exercises

// Eshott Airfield is an official supplier to the Ministry of Defence.

// On occasion the airfield will be used by the MOD to stage military exercise scenarios.  Eshott Airfield will remain operational where possible but from time to time the airfield will be closed to normal operations.  This will be communicated in good time where possible and any flying restriction will always be communicated at the new barrier system. 

// During times of airfield rental by the MOD there may be additional safety information available at the airfield gate including out of bounds areas, helicopter movement details, specific safety information and details of fast jet traffic overhead. 

// Military equipment including vehicles, tanks, artillery & aircraft may be brought to site at any time - under no circumstances are these vehicles to be approached without permission from a member of Eshott Airfield staff or military personnel. 

// All military exercises that include the closure of Eshott Airfield will be NOTAM'd by the MOD or Eshott Airfield.


// Airfield Events

From time to time the airfield will be used for large scale public events. The airfield will do everything reasonable to maintain an operational site as far as possible until the final stages of setup.

// Aircraft must not be taxied through crowds of people - doing so will result in immediate suspension from the site.  

// All airfield members will remain courteous at all times to members of the public, other airfield members & the management team.


// Insurance & Compliance

// It is the responsibility of all pilots operating from Eshott to hold a valid pilot’s licence, RT licence and have insurance with a valid medical.  

// Cars being used on site MUST have appropriate airside insurance on their policy. It is your responsibility to keep your policy to to date and to comply with it’s particular Terms and Conditions. If you are unable to get airside cover through your aircraft insurance provider, you must inform a member of staff. You will not be covered under Bockenfield Aerodrome Limited’s insurance cover for driving airside.

// Membership

// Membership is required by all based users of the airfield.

// Membership is to be paid no later than the 1st of April.  Any membership paid after 1st of April will incur a £5 charge due to additional website costs from 1st April 2018.  

// The membership of an individual may be terminated should a member behave in an inappropriate manner or aggressive manner towards any other member or staff.  A terminated membership may result in a suspension or ban from Eshott Airfield. There will be no refund of membership payment and based aircraft may be asked to leave the site.   

// Memberships are non-refundable    

// Failure to comply with the Flying Order Book may result in immediate suspension from the airfield.  There will be no refund on memberships, hangarage or ground rent if a member is suspended from Eshott Airfield. 

// Any aircraft deemed to be flying illegally will be reported to the CAA.  The Airfield will co-operate with the CAA in any subsequent prosecution.